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BROADWAY WORKSHOP SERIES: Bringing Broadway to Wilmington! Don’t miss these special workshops!  We’ll learn a song and dance from a different hit show each time and focus on building a character, musicality, stage presence, projection, and style with technique.   Be ready for a new, fun challenge that will give you the tools you need to become a hands on actor.  Prepare to push yourself, learn a lot, and have great time!  Parents can check out a mini performance at the end of class.  The bigger the group, the better, so be sure to tell all your friends!

VOCAL PERFORMANCE: Work on the interpretation, acting, and delivery of a song.  Selection of musical material that is appropriate for student’s voice type and can be used for auditions or performances will be stressed, along with basic vocal technique and breath control.  Students will enhance their stage presence and increase their comfort level with singing in front of any size audience!  Accompanist will be provided!

INTERMEDIATE THEATER DANCE WORKSHOPS: For the performer who wants to work more on dance technique and is serious about a career on the stage!  We will start with a strength building warm up and across the floor warm ups, and then move on to various combinations that focus on musicality and different theater styles.  It may be challenging, but we just ask that you give it your all and come ready to learn.  Some dance training required.

SCENE STUDY:  We will work with scripts, and explore and create characters and scenes.  Acting 101 Intensive or acting experience required.

ADVANCED AUDITION TECHNIQUE: As a follow up to our first Audition Technique class, we’ll take small group of focused students who are more set on roles or are thinking of college auditions in their future.  We’ll talk more about resume building, callbacks, song choice, and how to really stand out.