“I am thrilled to have the honor of speaking to the passion, professionalism, vision, and talent of my good friend and associate Carson Capps. It was at New York’s Broadway Dance Center where I first had the privilege of meeting Carson.  In my classes, I challenged myself and my students by continuously attacking different types of work, exploring all styles of musical theatre dancing, and each week Carson stepped to the front of the class.  She immediately proved her versatility, concentration, and desire to learn.  I was immediately impressed by her ability to convey her emotions and strength so clearly through her work, and then she set herself apart from other great dancers when we began speaking off of the dance floor.  The best performers have the unbelievable gift of being able to grasp a true emotional beat and translate it into a heightened piece of theatrical language.  Carson has that great strength and depth as an individual.

Soon after, Carson and I worked on our first job together.  I thought I knew what I was getting when I hired her, but when she first came in to sing for me, I had no idea that she had such a wonderful voice.  It’s rare when a performer can communicate on different levels and through different mediums, and I quickly learned that Carson could communicate through her dancing, her singing and her acting.

But the biggest gift that Carson brought to me and the show was when she took over responsibility as swing and dance captain.  Carson has a rare talent of being able to remain committed to something emotionally while at the same time, keeping a distanced perspective of it intellectually. She has an understanding for diplomacy within a company.  She can cut to the core of an artistic vision, and knows the importance of maintaining the integrity of that core.  She can prioritize and compartmentalize within a crazy situation to make sure the work gets done.  She has a great grasp on the creative process and thus can help inspire that process while still making sure to get the work done.  And most importantly, she does all of this with an unending well of passion and love for her art.  To me, that combination of talent, intellect, business savvy, and passion are rare and vital.

After years of working in the theatre, I have found it very rare to be in a situation that is both creatively golden and blessed with the collaboration of good people. That’s the spot I find myself in every time my path crosses with Carson, and I am thrilled to see where her life, both creatively and personally, will go next!”

~ANDY BLANKENBEUHLER,  Choreographer. 2008 Tony Award WINNER for Best Musical In The Heights, 9 To 5 The Musical, Studio 54’s upcoming The People in the Picture, and The Apple Tree, starring Kristin Chenoweth. The Wiz (opening on Broadway in 2011), episodes of the Fox television program So You Think You Can Dance, and new musical Bring It On. Performer: Fosse, Saturday Night Fever, Man of LaMancha, Contact, Steel Pier, Guys and Dolls, Big.


“Carson Capps brings her professional experience as a dancer on Broadway into the classroom. This valuable stage experience and the skills she has gained dancing at the top of the game are now to be passed on to a new generation of aspiring performers.  Carson cares deeply about theater and dance and, I know, will teach with enthusiasm, love, and great commitment sharing all aspects of her craft with the fortunate students who pass through her classroom”.

~CHRISTOPHER WHEELDON, World renowned choreographer & performer. Artistic Director of MORPHOSES/The Wheeldon Company. New York City Ballet resident artist & lauded choreographer. Performer: NYCB and Royal Ballet London.


“Carson was one of the greatest children I ever had the privilege of teaching.  As I watched her mature over the years as a dancer and individual, I knew she would go far.  I can truly say without reservation that any parent who places their child in any type of performing class with Carson will be delighted.  She is what I consider a triple threat in that she can sing, dance and act.  Her passion for the theatre and performing arts carries over to her students at all levels as she gives them 110% of her expertise.  Most of all Carson is a loving person who will treat every child with kindness from the serious performer to the recreational performer. Don’t miss the chance to have your child take a class or workshop from this extremely talented individual.”

SHANNON MANSFIELD, Choreographer and owner of  “La Petite’ Dance”

“Carson is amazing! Our two daughters fell in love with her after the first 2 hour “Wicked” workshop!  She is are extremely talented, fun and loving! She creates a perfect environment for both learning performance skills and most importantly for building self confidence. She sincerely cares about each student and it shows! To work with Carson is truly an incredible opportunity for any student!”


“I can not express enough the wonderful experience of having Carson teach a master class at my studio. Her enthusiasm is contagious! She brought my dancers to a whole new level of technique and energy in their dance. To have a Broadway dancer come and share her knowledge and experiences was amazing in itself, but it’s Carson that made the dancers feel important and confident that they could do anything! I have had many guest artist from all over the country to work with my dancers, this truly is one of the best experiences ever for them. I can’t wait until she comes back again!”

KIMBERLY SHAFFER, Owner / Artistic Director, Bryan Community School of Dance, Bryan, Ohio