Glee Club and the Broadway Project

I know most of you out there know Amy and Ben Wright.  They are a terrific couple were both very successful working actors on New York before moving here, and since have made quite an impact on the Wilmington arts community with their studio, On Broadway.  Lucky for all of us, now they are now on to their next projects!!

First of all, in local news, Wilmington is getting it’s very own GLEE club!  Based on the show, Amy is creating a singing group that will perform around town at festivals, street fairs, and special events … entertaining the masses!   This is the opportunity for perform songs in the styles all styles of Broadway, Top 40, Pop, and Hip Hop, and get your groove on while doing so!  It’ll be divided by age groups, and there is no registration fee.  It’s for kids and teens alike, and the only requirement is that you love to SING, DANCE, and PERFORM!  I think it sounds great, and I kind of wish there was one for the big kids, like 30 plus.  Anyone with me??

Here are the details:

When: begins Sept 6th and runs through May

GLEE:  9th – 12th grades, Mondays, 6:30-8:30, $65 per month

GLEE Jr:  6th – 8th grades, Mondays, 4:30-6:30, $65 per month

Mini GLEE:  1st – 4th grades, Mondays, 3:30-4:30, $45 per month

Please call Amy Wright for more info at  910-232-5376


email, and she’ll send you a brochure!

Up next, her husband Ben Wright is taking a more national approach with the Ben Wright Talent Project!

“BEN WRIGHT’S BROADWAY PROJECT is a talent search that connects exceptionally talented people with NYC-based AGENTS, MANAGERS, CASTING DIRECTORS, CHOREOGRAPHERS & DIRECTORS.”

Point blank.  Take it from me, who spent 10 years in New York City working my butt off, that this is a brilliant idea for anyone who is seriously considering a career in New York!  Connections are INVALUABLE (especially up there) in this business, and Ben has the great idea to put those who truly deserve it in touch with the people who can make things happen.  It’s 90% of the battle.  Even the exceptionally talented sometimes get very overlooked or don’t work because they don’t know the right people or don’t truly put themselves out there.  It’s all about that first break.  Read Ben’s story for proof.

Short version: submit a short video of yourself performing the best of what you have to Ben, and he’ll select the top 50 performers form the pool applicants and take them to NYC to introduce them to the best of the best (directors, casting directors, agents, managers, choreographers…you get the point).

This is brilliant!  So without me rambling anymore, check out his website!  Click above or HERE:)

Yay for Wilmington that the Wrights are here!

Posted on: 14.08.2010

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