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I always get asked about college versus no college, what college, conservatory versus no conservatory…  it’s an important topic, so when I cam across this little blurb in the NY Times, I thought I would share it.   It’s short but sweet, and I think the book may be vital in the decision making to those who have important questions to ask!  So for any of you who have older kids who are serious a career in this business, or know someone who is, pass this along!

Ask About College Theater Programs


For students who want to pursue a life in the theater, picking the right college could mean the difference between thanking their parents at the Tony Awards or moving back to their parents’ basement with Broadway dreams defeated.

This week Mary Anna Dennard, the author of “I Got In!: The Ultimate College Audition Guide for Acting and Musical Theater,” is taking readers’ questions. Need the right song for your application video? Having trouble finding a head-shot photographer? Don’t know what to wear to your audition? Look for her answers to your questions on ArtsBeat later this week.

Since 2000 Ms. Dennard has been a college audition coach for programs in acting and musical theater. She began working as a casting director and acting coach in Los Angeles in 1980. More information is at her Web site.

Posted on: 13.08.2010

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