Glee Club and the Broadway Project


I know most of you out there know Amy and Ben Wright.  They are a terrific couple were both very successful working actors on New York before moving here, and since have made quite an impact on the Wilmington arts community with their studio, On Broadway.  Lucky for all of us, now they are now […]

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Dance on Broadway for Wii


There is an amazing summer program for musical theatre called Broadway Theatre Project, and I attended it in 1998 (probably the year some of you were born.  Weird..).  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  The people you meet and talent you are among without question are phenomenal, and the majority go on to have strong […]

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In The Heights


One of my very favorite shows on Broadway right now, In The Heights, is coming to Durham Performing Arts Center in February of next year!  It opened in 2008 and was nominated for 13 Tony Awards, winning for Best Musical and Leading Actor.  An insanely smart and talented guy named Lin Manuel Miranda wrote and […]

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Stagedoor Manor and Theater Geek


I came across this blurb below in Vanity Fair a couple months ago about Stagedoor Manor, a theatre camp in Loch Sheldrake, New York, that is the most premiere in the country.    Each summer, Stagedoor Manor holds 3 three-week long sessions (starting in late June and ending in late August). Enrollment for each is approximately […]

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